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I started my website exactly 2 years ago, the day after my second ACL surgery. The experience of helping other people has been incredibly rewarding and I have enjoyed watching everyone help each other in the comments section of the website.

Some of the posts have hundreds of comments of people helping each other!

The website was started for selfish reasons (motivate myself to recover so I didn’t re-tear my ACL) but it grew into something with a much bigger purpose and for that I am thankful for everyone that has ever visited, left a comment or emailed me. Thank you!

For me, when I write a helpful post on how to minimize pain after ACL surgery and receive emails from people thanking me for helping them or their loved ones I am very grateful to have been able to help.

When I have asked people what posts on my website they like the most it is almost always posts about either my story or someone else’s they reference in their favourites.

To Celebrate 2 Years I am Asking You for a Favour…

Can I Please Share Your Story!

Read some great stories here 

We can all learn from each other and no one recovers the same so by sharing your story you will be helping hundreds/thousands of people who are like you. It is amazing the number of people that write me asking for stories from people of all walks of life…


  • Aspiring elite athletes
  • Weekend warriors
  • Grandmas
  • Grandmas who are way better athletes than me!
  • Elite athletes
  • People who somehow managed to wreck their knee
  • Parents who want to get better so they can play with their kids

The diversity is great!

Sharing your story provides you with an incredible amount of satisfaction knowing that you are helping other people get through something that you worked so hard to fight through.

I know your story is worth sharing and people will learn a lot from it. Please think about how many people you sharing your story could help and consider it…


1. How to share your story?

Please email me at jonmhaver (at) gmail (dot) com your story either typed into the email or as a word file.

2. What to Include?

  • Your story will be shared anonymously online for other people to learn from.
  • Should be over 400 words (1 page – the more detail the better)
  • Include a picture if possible (not required)

3. Some Suggested Questions to Answer

To help you get started here are some suggested questions. These are some ideas on the common questions people have about everyone’s story, feel free to answer each question or share your story how you want to…

  • How did you tear your ACL?
  • What was your biggest fear with your injury/surgery?
  • How much did your ACL surgery cost?
  • Your details (age/sex/fitness level/livelihood etc)?
  • How did your injury and surgery affect your life?
  • Was this your fist ACL surgery?
  • How long after ACL surgery were you able to walk?
  • How long after surgery did you start driving?
  • When did you return to work?
  • How long after ACL surgery were you able to start running?
  • When did you return to your sport(what sport – if applicable)?
  • On a scale of 1-10 what was the worst pain you had?
  • How long until the pain was consistently below a 3
  • Did you make a mistake that could help other people?
  • Do you have a tip that could help other people?

I look forward to hearing about your recovery story!

Don’t underestimate how rewarding it is seeing all the comments on your story thanking you for sharing.

Email me your story at jonmhaver (at) gmail (dot) com

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  1. Ben Willoughby says

    My name is Ben Willoughby I am 21 years old and very active.

    In 2010 I tore both medial and lateral cartilage and completely ruptured my ACL playing basketball. After an operation to repair the cartilage and a month to get back on my feet a had an ACL reconstruction. After the reconstruction my knee had a bleed resulting in a stop of my initial (most important stages) of rehab and a further operation to clean out my knee. 6 months post ACL reconstruction I tore further cartilage putting my rehab back to square one. A year later after intense rehabilitation I was back to playing sport and to my disbelief unfortunately tore medial cartilage and completely ruptured my ACL on my opposite leg! after a mirrored pair of operations I had cartilage removed and my ACL reconstructed.

    I am now 4 weeks post op and my recovery has been fast and to plan. Both my own research along with previous experience and Jon Haver has allowed me to recover very quickly.

    From my experience I would advise to take rehab slow and only do what is advised by your consultant and physio therapist, I thought being a highly active person and having knowledge of the injury would some how allow me to do more, when in reality it is up to how fast your body recovers! This leads on to my next pointer, listen to your body if you hurt stop, rest and then proceed.

    Jon recommended the cyro cuff, I bought one from ebay for £50 for my second ACL tear and this helped to reduce swelling and inflammation so much faster than an ice pack due to the added compression.

    Finally DO NOT return to sport to early!! everyone will be telling you this and deep down you will know if your not ready so don’t ignore what your own body is telling you wait because a few more moths is far better than a year and a half… TRUST ME!

    I really hope this helps people going through the same situation and really do take it slow, best of luck Ben Willoughby

  2. Ben, what a great story. Thanks for the tips on the cryo cuff, sounds like a great option to reduce swelling.

  3. hi !this is my second acl sergery and i just want to give some points or

  4. I tore my acl in.jan and.I with it a. month foot swells anf my calf also..I have the most horrible.rubbing feeling knee.and it feels like something is being pulled all the time..I do what I.can with range of motion and I only use crutchs.for.mild support when I have to.go up and down stairs and outside my leg is so.sore and it feels so achy when I .my dr only wants me to have therapy is this common.and.will I ever feel better no pain and be again..I’m.a.stalky individual and I woulf like to be work.out again will that ever be an.option and will the dr opt after the therapy? I’m so.confused

  5. I was diagnosed a week ago not.month ago

  6. I ruptured my ACL in my rights knee on March 9th 2013 playing bball 35 yr old male, after rehap/therapy trying to get my range of motion back, I am going to have surgery on April 23rd 2013. The Dr recomended using Cadaver(donor tissue) to repair the ACL. I wanted comments/concerns on others experiences on the cadaver option.

  7. Hi everyone, I am a 17 year old female. Tomorrow I will be going in for my third ACL/meniscus reconstruction on the same leg! When I was fourteen years old I tore my ACL, but my local doctor said that It was probably just stretched. So I continued playing basketball, softball, track, volleyball, and dance. By the time sophomore year rolled around the pain was becoming worse, my knee kept “popping out” in September of 2010 I had my first knee surgery which consisted of an ACL reconstruction, used with a graft from the tendon behind my knee cap. In the Months following I progressed tremendously, I attended therapy three times a week, and regained all 180 degrees of motion by the end of week 4. However, I was on crutches for a good two months( if it wasn’t longer) because they tried to repair torn cartilage. However in Feb of 2011 I decided to return to track. In a way I thought that I was okay, but now looking back I’m afraid I should have waited longer. In July of 2012 I had surgery to repair my meniscus again, because the graft had been torn. I finished my junior athletic career however, after missing most of my sophomore year. Now as a senior in high school, three weeks before graduation I am going in for a third knee surgery, this time to reconstruct my ACL using a hamstring graft. I just wanted to inform everyone I was told this week that the human cadaver graft shouldn’t be used in younger people because it is more likely to tear again. So everyone with an ACL surgery make sure to talk to your doctor about your options! I will update following my third surgery. Good luck (:

  8. I was told just last week when discussing my options for my third knee surgery that cadaver grafts are likely to tear. Yet recovery time may be quicker. However, there are other options such as hamstring grafts and a graft that involved using part of the tendon behind your knee cap! Just ask for doctor for all the options (: Good luck!

  9. Hi, sorry for your discomfort. I know the feeling! I would suggest always getting a second input, try another doctor! good luck (:

  10. I am a 42 year old male very active on sports. I torn my ACL and had meniscus damage.
    I decided to use the tendon from my patella to reconstruct the ACL. Since I am planing to return to active sports(mostly surfing) and seems to be the strongest graft.
    It’s been 3 weeks of my surgery.
    Many of the comments I read helped me a lot, I will add here also my part hopefully helps somebody.
    1) start your exercises before surgery mostly the once your pt gives you so you test your discipline and get stronger.
    2)ask your anesthetist to give you nausea medicine, ask for extra fluids IV, I think I used 3.
    3)be carefull and eat a lot before pain killers.
    I was not able to take them after 2nd day they kill my stomach.
    Tylenol, ice pads and bath tubs (don’t submerge leg)were my best friends.
    I was able to cut a piece of some pain killer that I tolerate better(not full dosis).
    3)don’t push to much o excercises first 3 days, many of us are very sport oriented so would want to do that, more repetitions than strength worked better for me(at the beginning).
    4)Something very important is I added push ups and abdominal excercises every session(2 to 3 times per day), makes me stronger and warms the whole body helping stretching.

    I see this as a big challenge there is no room for depressions you are getting mentally and phisically stronger. You will end up a better person after this.

  11. I tore my ACL after stepping in a hole in Sep 2013. For me, the initial injury didn’t cause me pain but my knee was the size of a small cantaloupe. One month later I had a patella tendon graft. I was directed to go to physical therapy the day after the surgery. After three months, I have nearly all of my range of motion back. My biggest issue is that I have a lot of swelling. I follow the R.I.C.E protocol but nothing is alleviating the pressure. I have had fluid drained off the knee before and after my surgery. The fluid also puts pressure on my big toe which dismays my Ortho surgeon. I can walk without crutches, but have a noticeable limp by the end of the day. I am not running yet, but can use the elliptical cycle and the recumbent bicycle.