Range of Motion Leg Extension – Important Post ACL Surgery Exercise

The first exercise that I have been instructed to do is to get my knee flexion to 0 degrees, or so that my femur and tibia are parallel. Sometimes surgeons deem this to be important enough that they lock a patients knee in a 0 degree brace for several weeks.

ACL Surgery Exercise - Heel Prop

Increase Range of Motion with This Heel Prop Exercise

What we are trying to avoid is having the knee stay in a relaxed partially bent position for too long and ultimately loose some of our original range of motion.

The first exercise here is a “heel prop” which rests the heel on a towel and allows the knee to flex to 0 degrees and beyond.

Unfortunately I am a little behind where I should be in terms of range of motion, this video is shot on day Three, Friday and I had surgery on Wed. Hopefully, those of you that are also working on rehabing their ACL after surgery are having better luck with your range of motion. I am confident if I keep doing this exercise I will get 0 degrees back shortly.

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