Does ACL Surgery Affect Runners Speed?

ACL reconstructive surgery involves using a graft from another part of your body. This part is usually the hamstring tendon, in the back of your thigh, or patellar tendon, which connects your kneecap and shin bone. The patellar tendon has been called the “golden choice”. It is the same length as the ACL. Surgeons remove […]

7 Exercises to Help Avoid ACL Injury

Tendons connect muscles to bones; ligaments connect bones to bones. Your ACL is a ligament in your knee connecting your thigh and shin bones inside your knee. Its job is to prevent the knee joint from moving back and forth. Knees are meant to bend and straighten, flex and extend, not move back and forth […]

How Hard Should You Push Your Knee in Rehab Before or After Surgery?

This is a question from a reader that I have never talked about on this site and thought I should share it with everyone. It is from Henry(name changed) who is in the military so a working knee is a lot more important to his livihood than those of us with an office job. He […]

How Long Are You On Crutches After ACL Surgery?

Here is a common question I get asking how long will I have to be on crutches after ACL surgery and should I try to get off them as soon as possible?

When Can I Walk After ACL Surgery

After acl surgery we are all very interested in getting back to our regular lives. The biggest recovery milestone blocking many of us from our normal lives is being able to walk. This article is to help you understand how long after ACL surgery it will be until you are able to walk again.

ACL Tear – Who Is At The Most Risk?

I spent my athletic days playing soccer, rugby, volleyball and skiing all of which I thought had a had a high chance of ACL tears, but when I decided to research and find out what sport has the highest rate of ACL tears it surprised me! What sport would you think has the highest rate […]

ACL Surgery Pain Management – 2 Week Update

Today I would like to share a story from one of our readers about ACL surgery pain management and how she was able to reduce pain from a 10 to a 1 very rapidly. Maybe it will help you reduce your pain after knee surgery.

5 ACL Injury Symptoms

Like many of us, my athletic glory days are likely behind me. I enjoyed several sports competitively with a heavy emphasis on skiing. Seeing many teammates go down with badly torn knees I thought I knew what ACL injury symptoms were. See the 5 most common ACL injury symptoms below…

Driving After ACL Surgery

Another commonly asked question for people going into surgery is when are they able to drive again after ACL surgery. ACL Surgery can really impact your life, the loss of mobility from knee surgery can greatly reduce the number of things you are capable of doing. Driving is a part of our lives and not […]

Knee Range of Motion Exercises Question

Over the last week I have received several questions regarding range of motion exercises for the knee after surgery. I have answered several of them but thought it would be a good idea to share them with everyone.