ACL Surgery Rehab – Quad Sets

Improving the range of motion of your knee and getting it to lay flat is one of the first critical goals of post operative ACL surgery rehab. This exercise helps the timing of the firing of your quad muscles and can increase the range of motion of your knee. Watch this tutorial to see how it can be done.

Quad Sets ACL Surgery Rehab

Quad Sets for ACL Surgery Rehab

Quad Sets Exercise Instructions:

While sitting on a carpet or other flat surface extend your legs straight(as much as possible). With your legs extended out straight tighten your quadracept muscles(thigh) to push your knee into the ground. Immediatly after surgery this will be a painfull exercise but is the most effective rehab technique to get your leg to be able to lie flat.

The secondary benefit of this ACL Surgery exercise is that it can improve your quad strength, the sooner you are able to have stron quads again the sooner you will be able to progrees onto the next ACL Surgery Recovery Exercise.