6 Months After ACL Surgery – Running In Sand Rehab

I am now a little over 6 months out of surgery and everything has continued to progress well. With the weather improving I tried swimming but the water was still pretty cold in the lake. I have had 2 signicant milestones this month the first was starting cutting drills while running on the beach which I believe has really helped improve my knee. The second is after discussing my schedule and physio requirements with my physiotherpist I decided to move to a once/month physio visit and have him look over a log of what I have been doing for exercises.

Muscle Confusion in ACL Surgery Rehab

Since I have been running now for the last few months I have always been trying to add additional layers of difficulty and confusion to a standard run. Muscle confusion is a popular concept right now with physical exercise routines like cross-fit and P90X. The premise of muscle confusion is that when a muscle is introduced to a new activity it goes through a rapid “learning” phase but quickly hits plateaus and the rate of improvement slows dramatically, muscle confusion never lets the body plataue and you can see much quicker improvements in your bodies physical ability.

If you are looking to be able to start running after acl surgery read these 3 tips.

Running In Sand After ACL Surgery

Running In Sand After ACL Surgery

Being aware of muscle confusion is important in realizing the benefits of making sure your exercises are continuisly being slightly tweaked.

7 Tips to Take Advantage of Muscle Confusion in Your ACL Surgery Recovery

  1. walk backwards, forwards and side to side at different times in the day
  2. Dont always do your exercises in the same order
  3. Instead of doing 3 sets of 1 exercise do a “circuit” – 1 set of each exercise back to back and then take a break and do another 2 sets of all the exercises
  4. Make balancing while doing the exercise more difficult including swiss balls, balance boards etc
  5. Shut your eyes when doing the exercises
  6. Change the time of day you do your acl rehab
  7. My favorite – Do the exercises on sand. Sand is a great balance difficulty amplifier as well as forces the harder to isolate muscles in your knee to really work!

Cutting Drills and Running in Sand 6 Months After ACL Surgery

In this video I run a standard cutting drill but add some “muscle confusion” aspect into it by doing it in sand. I have done a lot of exercises lately on sand and it really has seemed to help in building the difficult to isolate muscles. The video is also somewhat of a fail when its cut short by my dog chasing Canadian Geese and me needing to go stop her from running onto a road(which I did) and if I was completely cheesy I would say no dogs or geese were harmed in the making of this video.

Hope everyones recovery is going well.

How do you keep your ACL surgery recovery fresh?