ACL Surgery Recovery Week 3 Update

With the third week after acl surgery recovery coming to a close I am going to provide an update on my recovery. The biggest event during the third week was the holidays, I tried to stay disciplined to my recovery however the time demand of family and travel made it difficult. I was able to do most of my acl surgery recovery exercises.

My progress has continued to be solid with improvements in range of motion and balance. I am happy that I have not taken any pain medication during the third week and was able to start not just walking around for the sake of walking around but start to be able to function and go out to pick up groceries etc. Another milestone i reached this week was starting to drive again. I don’t think I would want to drive for a large length of time or in bad conditions but short 10 minute drives was no problem.

A difficult part of week 3 was being at the ski hill and not being able to ski. This is the first Christmas since I was 2 that I was not skiing.

skiing after acl surgery

NOT Skiing 3 Weeks After ACL Surgery

Goal – 0 degree,
Actual – 0 degrees

Goal – 110 degrees
Actual – 140 degrees
I have continue to be happy with my range of motion, it has progressed significantly wicker than what I had expected. My knee is very close to full range of motion.

Goal – Tylenol extra strength only as required
Actual – successful – no pain medication used in week 3

Weight Bearing
Goal – 100% without problem at the end of week 2

Actual – actual – 100% without problem at the end of week 2

Goal – continuing to improve without limp
Actual – walking with minimal limp

Strength and Balance
Goal – 100% weight bearing and crutches not used at all in week 3
Driving starting on good weather days(December in Canada not the best time for an unsturdy knee to be behind the wheel)
Actual – Successful – I have been driving a few times and been walking up and down stairs with minimal issue.

Sit to stand exercise and 1 leg balance exercise were great ACL surgery recovery exercises I completed this week. Along with some of the older exercises which I continued including quad sets and heel slides.

Overall week 2 has been good. My right knee that I had acl reconstruction on has been progressing well. The main problem I have encountered during week 3 has been on my left hamstring donor leg. When I have bent over to pick anything up I feel new pain in my left hamstring. I believe I have slightly strained it and will start being more careful with my left hamstring and discuss some specific exercises i can be doing for my left hamstring.

Making sure I don’t push my knee to quickly I can tell will be something I need to focus on moving forward. Today I am at the ski hill to visit with friends and family and not being able to ski is definitely bothering me….hopefully by April I will be cleared to be skiing.

Hopefully everyone else going through knee surgery recovery is progressing well.

Overall week 2 has been good the big problem obviously was when I bumped my knee. The biggest improvement was with the range of motion.

ACL Surgery Recovery

The Top 5 At Home Exercises
I did that helped get me walking 4 days after surgery

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  1. My surgery was on 12/07/10 One day before you! Week 3 was good to me as i got rid of the crutches. The first part of the morning is ruff while my knee is stiff. Have to use 1 crutch untill i stretch it out. The exercise bike at PT seams to help me the most so i’m looking like crazy on CL to find a deal on one! Great site for recovery tips. Thanks!

  2. Jon Haver says:

    Jamie, thanks for the comment. Yah I agree the bike is excellent I have been looking at getting a wind trainer or recumbent style bike as well. One thing I found to help with the morning soreness is to not sleep with the knee propped up. This also helps get to 0 degrees. Good luck!

  3. Excellent site to say the least. I couldn’t hold back myself but to thank mr. Jon Haver (The Saver). I in fact had gained lot of confidence after going through the site. Now into my 4th week of PT, I’m still limping with brace on (0 deg.) and a walker. Started following most of the tips detailed in this site and I could feel the difference in the improvement.

    Thanks a tom Mr. Jon the SAVER.