6 Weeks After ACL Surgery Post Op Visit

Today I had my 6 week post op visit to my orthopedic surgeon. This was actually the first time since my potential post op complication where I thought I may have damaged the ACL that I got confirmation there was no problems. So that was great news. Other than that the visit was very short in and out. He looked at my range of motion and quad muscle density and thought everything was comming along well. I had a few questions for him and I will share his answer to those questions here…

Me – Could I have caused any damage from my laundry basket incident 2 weeks after ACL surgery?

Surgeon – Definitely not the ligament, there is a little bit of clicking in your knee and potentially that is from meniscus damage but its no more than would be expected based on the amount of meniscus damage that needed to be repaired.

Knee 6 Weeks After ACL Surgery

Knee 6 Weeks After ACL Surgery

Me – Will I be able to ski in April or is that pushing the ACL rehab timeline to much?

Surgeon – (chuckle) you have another apointment before then so lets shelve the topic about you skiing in April. Everything is comming along well good muscle definition, good range of motion but its too early to say if you can ski in 4 months. You dont want to be back on the table right…


Dr Office For Post Op Appointment

Me – (go through the ACL surgery rehab exercises I am doing) is there any specific exercise I should be doing?

Surgeon – Recommends more balance exercises such as 747s eyes closed.


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