Top 10 ACL Surgery Recovery Comeback of 2012

An injury to your ACL is the tearing of the muscles near your knee, which can be both painful and difficult to deal with. Suffering from an injury to your ACL can be devastating, but you’re not alone in the pain. There are plenty of professional athletes who have suffered the same injury and have recovered quickly. Some have even returned to the sport they love after such a trauma. With dedication to physical therapy, you can regain the strength in your leg and be pain free for the rest of your life post-surgery.

Here are a few of the athletes who have suffered ACL injuries during 2012 and have made comebacks after recovery.


Adrian Peterson, the American football running back for the Minnesota Vikings, suffered an injury to his ACL in December of 2011 in a game against the Washington Redskins. Peterson’s surgery was six days after the injury, and he began physical therapy. Such an injury can take months and months of recovery time, which can be difficult for athletes whose careers depends on playing the sports they love. Even the simple tasks of walking, running and changing directions suddenly in the middle of walking can be extremely painful. However, only nine months after surgery, Peterson was already starting Week 1 with the Vikings for the new season.


George St. Pierre is a mixed martial artist and the current Welterweight Champion of the UFC, and injured his ACL in December of 2011. Ultimate Fighting is not known for being easy on the limbs, and participants succumb to injury on a number of occasions. Sustaining an injury to such a vital area of a fighter’s body can put him down for a long time in recovery. However, by August of 2012, George St. Pierre was ready to return to Ultimate Fighting after such a speedy recovery.


Ricky Rubio, a professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, injured his ACL on March of 2012 in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers. By December of the same year, he returned from his injury and brought an overtime victory against the Dallas Mavericks.


Ali Krieger is a soccer player, who tore her ACL in a match against the Dominican Republic during the 2012 CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying which took place in mid-January 2012. She started her rehabilitation in Germany, and by May 2012, she was able to run and kick a soccer ball. Her recovery was so well, that she was ready to play in the Olympics, but the roster was already made before she had made a complete recovery.

Top 10 ACL Surgery Recovery Comeback of 2012

Even doctors are amazed at how quickly these athletes have recovered from such a simple injury. It should be kept in mind that typical ACL injuries do not recover in such a short time, especially for professionals whose muscles have plenty of wear and tear. It is only with rigorous physical therapy and determination that one can ever expect to recover full from such a traumatic injury.

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  1. You ask about my fear. Because of what is available regarding both pre and post-operative to do’s , not a lot of fear at the moment, but some other hows. For example, taking a poop. My bathroom is not quite big enough and I do have concerns about that.

    I also wonder about using my crutches going up my carpeted steps.

  2. Fidel Banuelos says:

    An ACL is not a muscle. It’s a ligament.