Rehab After ACL Surgery – Do I Still Need to Go?

Do I still need to go to rehab 5.5 months after ACL surgery? I have been out of ACL surgery for 5.5 months and recovery has been going well…

I have been exceptionally busy with work and it’s been difficult to fit in my rehab. So I have once again been asking myself should I still be going to physio?



Why I should Rehab at Physio after ACL surgery…

So why should I continue going to physio? I have a gym membership and have been going at least a few times a week. While at the gym I have put a real emphasis on  knee strengthening exercises. The exercisesni have been doing at the gym include…

  • Squats
  • Lunges on an 1/2 swissball
  • Leg curls
  • Leg extension

When I go to physio though he has me doing a lot of other exercises that I wouldn’t do at the gym. These include a lot of balance exercises such as…

Alignment – this is the biggest thing I find helpful at physio, he uses several techniques to make sure my body is remaining aligned and hip is not moving out of alignment. Regardless of how much physio on my own I do I will never be able to accomplish this without his help. I believe keeping alignment is important since it could significantly affect your long term recovery if you remain out of alignment and put additional stress on your joints.

Why I wouldn’t go to Rehab after ACL surgery…

There are really 2 main reasons I wouldn’t go

First reason not to go to physio is the cost. Going to physio is very expensive and there is not much you can do to lower the cost. At 50$/visit it is not a cheap weekly visit.

The second reason not to go to physio is the timing. I am typically at the office at 7am and leave around 5-6 while physio is only open between 7-5 so skipping out on work to go to physio can be challenging.

My ACL Surgery Recovery Rehab Decision…

The decision to go or not to go for now has been made…. I am going to continue going once every other week. It is not ideal but it balances how often I would like to go(at least once a week) with how much time I have.

Because I am not going as much I am putting a real emphasis on training at the gym now and will decide later as to when I will no longer go to physio.

How often and for how long did everyone here go to physio?

The Top 5 At Home Exercises
I did that helped get me walking 4 days after surgery

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  1. Steve Ferrera says:

    John, thanks for sharing your thoughts here, I am facing the same decision now being 4 months out of surgery. My physio just keeps doing the same thing over and over…a few exercises out of the binder and then some laser or ultrasound. I feel like I am just throwing money away when I go in for rehab after acl surgery now. What do you think….should I keep going?

  2. Tina Butte says:

    Hi there! After my first ACL surgery, I was released 2.5 months after surgery. I was doing well, but felt there was still a long way to go regaining balance and equalizing strength in both legs after reconditioning my reconstructed knee. It all had to do with the joys of US insurance protocol… they have an arbitrary checklist of what constitutes adequate recuperation. Without that little sheet of paper it was difficult and $$ finding a PT that would take me on post release. I’ll try to dig it up and share it with you. Well, now that they’re paying for my second ACL reconstruction on the second leg, I’m resisting the urge to write back to them copying my previous correspondences expressing concerns – now realized. I suppose it is all a numbers game!! This time around, I’m looking at probably a 1-2 month rehab program in addition to my own gym work. We’ll have to see.

  3. Jon Haver says:

    Good luck with your surgery…no health care system is perfect that fore-sure! in Canada my surgery was paid for but unless I was a competing athlete with a team doctor that has pull I wasn’t getting in to a top surgeon for at least a few months.

  4. My physio no longer wanted to see me after 4 months (I had regained full strengnth) so it wasnt an option for me. I’m done with rehab now other than doing some balance work. Started playing full out tennis at 5.5 months and have not had any issues so far (using Don joy3 for the first year as a personal preference). Ball hockey is next. Its been a long haul…..

  5. Hi Jon,

    I had an ACL reconstruction and a MCL repair five weeks ago. Doing great, physio is going well, I have full extension and flexion is now at 125°. Been doing physio twice a week since a few days post op and was just told that since I am doing well, my physio is going to send me to the gym instead of continuing with physio in the next few weeks. I am totally shocked since I assumed that physio would continue for many months. Has anyone been told something like this before? I’m not even out of my Zimmer yet due to the MCL repair!

  6. what happens if we stop the rehab with the knee recovery in progress
    like after 8 months