Tore ACL Chearleading

Here is a common story of a High School senior who has had her athletic college recruiting put on hold due to her recent ACL tear and shares the struggles she is facing as a result of the injury…

Not being able to recover fully after ACL surgery is definitely a fear of mine, Im open to admit it. I just had my surgery a week ago. Im a senior in high school, extremely athletic; sports were/are my life. I’ve been a gymnast/cheerleader since the age of 3. I had plans to cheer competitively in college, or run track.

Before I tore my acl cheerleading competitively about a month ago. I had had coaches contacting me for a few months, both cheer coaches & even more track. Telling me they wanted me. Everything was coming together, all my hard work was paying off& I was going somewhere. I was performing better than ever, and I felt my best. Then the tear happened and my world came crashing down. Might sound dramatic to others, but Im sure you can relate to how it feels, its a big deal.. especially considering what I had going for myself.


It took a week or so to really realize what was happening, and to wrap my head around the recovery time..

I still don’t think I fully understand. Surgery went well, but man how little did I know about how hard the first couple weeks post op would be. Having to have people do everything for me, its just not my personality.

Just got back to school and started PT, happy to be up and moving around more, but the pain is relentless, and the physical debilitation is really frustrating. I’m told the first few weeks are the worst, and Im really hoping so. Your program is pretty cool & it’s cool seeing I’m not alone; how big the epidemic is. That’s my story.

My fears are real and many. My biggest ones being not being able to join a college team till my second year &not getting back to my full ability. The upside? I have a great support system, and I only tore one acl.. Hey it could be both right, or in your case a reoccurrence. Thanks for your time, hope to hear back soon!

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