Supplement for Knee Joint Pain

If you have torn your ACL and are concerned about your meniscus and the pain it causes when damaged then you will be interested in the success story of this 58 year old. People are often writing me saying thanks for the site but your situation age/sex doesnt apply to me so the timeline isnt realistic, they are absoloutly right and that I why I am glad I can share this scucess story from Ted.

The main take away from Ted’s story is that joint supplements specifically Flexcin Load Up Formula is worth considering especially if your knees are a little more “experienced”.

Supplement For Knee Joint Pain

Supplement For Knee

Thanks for all the experience and input on your pages. i had my left knee done two days ago …. 1-10-12. i was banged up as a result of car accident, but not what you would think. the driver that rear-ended me fled the scene. i was not injured as a direct result of the accident, but after a quick chase where he pulled over and did not want me to call the sheriff. as i walked back to my car, i got body-slammed from behind. guess that’s the answer he wanted to hear.

long story….. short. that was in October 2011. i did start physical therapy right after my mri showed a pretty good amount of damage to my acl. lcl, mcl and meniscus. once i had that figured out, i stopped going but had to wait for accident report, sheriffs report…. etc. walked with a brace, then was able to walk w/o brace after doing a lot of reading. nothing fancy for sure. the one thing additional i did was to start taking FLEXCIN LOAD-UP formula. i listen to a medical program hosted by an MD/ND (duke and the doctor on am radio) that also does alternative medicine and compares both sides. my major concern is arthritis.

My ACL surgery went well. I had a nerve block which i was unaware of. that took 24 hours to wear off, and then i started a few pain pills just incase of possible future pain. hopefully a non-issue. i got an allograft which makes sense because i only have one healing site. had asked for graft from a russian weight-lifter but they couldn’t help me there. came home with a cold cuff system called cold rush. also have a cpm which i maxed out on second use and will probably call supply house to come pick up. dr gasser (sports doctor who does the lighting hockey team and the usf bulls) also used screws to attach ligament…. no bone plugs. interesting, the screws are made from the same material as the dissolving sutures. two to three years and they are gone.

my success (i think)……. i am a 58 y/o male living in tampa fl, swam competitively through college, decent shape and hit the flexcin load-up formula pretty hard after injury and will continue for some time after surgery. flexcin load up is about 97$ for three bottles. cheap if it works latter in life.

There are other joint supplements you can find by googling or by looking for flexcin reviews.

Thanks for all your support and time in sharing your experience.

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  1. Don’t carry so much. Ladies who carry large purses often have joint inflammation in their shoulders. When you have arthritis problems, carrying heavy bags can cause pain, swelling, and inflammation in the shoulders and neck. If you absolutely need to carry a bag, select 1 that is small and lightweight. Place only the necessities in it, and take it with you only when required.