Torn ACL During Basketball Recovery Story

Derick injured his knee playing basketball and has had a lot of success following the same ACL surgery exercises I have. Below is his story of how he injured his knee and is working extremely hard on being able to return to basketball as soon as possible.

I had my knee surgery on Dec 3 2010 on my left knee acl and a meniscus repair on my medial front side. Ive been following you since last year but haven’t made a comment since now. I injured myself from a bad landing playing basketball my left knee buckled heard a snap. It took nearly a year for me to decide if I wanted a ACL surgery or not.

Blood Filter vs PRC

I was thinking of doing the blood filter or prc i think? Where they inject your own blood plasma and have a healing process done that way.Its too bad though that my hospital doesn’t practice on that yet. They done it actually on Pittsburgh wide receiver Hines ward when he hyper extended his knee.

Anyways I’m like a week ahead of you in rehab here Ive been going to they gym and doing a lot of stationary biking, been doing some aqua exercises in the pool like high knees and stretches. I can feel it getting stronger each week.

Tore ACL Playing Basketball

Torn ACL Playing Basketball

Returning to Basketball After ACL Surgery

I use a Kinesio Tape on my knee when i wanna do some jump shots in the court. Yes I’m being careful on it and is scared to re-injure it. So in your 1st surgery where you said you re-injured it at the 8 months.

On a relax leg can you push off on your knee ? Cause mine right now when i push forward from behind the knee it can move. I mean in your 8 months post did it get stronger like when you flex it? Im just so anxious like you in skiing ! to play basketball again. I’ve been also watching my diet lately cause i don’t want to put more pounds on the knees so i pretty much go gym 4 times a week ever since after 3 week of surgery. Your videos have help a lot John and i don’t even go therapy i do it all by myself with the help of your videos.

Derick, thanks for sharing your story. With respect to your last question about can I push my knee forward. I believe I know what exercise you are referring to and yes I still have some movement in my knee when I push it forward. An easy way to feel confident with the amount of movement that exists is to do the test on both your legs to see that they are about the same.

It sounds like you are doing everything right and will be back to playing basketball in now time!

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