Biking After ACL Surgery

Within the last week I have started biking outside again. It has been 7 weeks since my ACL surgery and I feel strong enough that I can be biking outside on the partially snow covered roads. The reason I am biking outside instead of inside on a stationary bike is because we have a very very active dog that needs some intense exercise every day. Here are some of the tips I have followed to have me biking outside after ACL surgery…

Tips for Biking after ACL surgery

1. Properly Inflated Tires – This sounds dumb but nothing makes as big a difference with bike control as properly inflatted tires. In the winter especially your tires will have lost some pressure.

2. Slightly lower than normal seat – The reason I like to have a slightly lower seat is that if I have to put my leg out to support myself it isnt in weak fully extended position.

3. Strengthen your quads – Your quads will be used heavily while biking and minimizing quad atrophy after knee surgery will help get you back on the bike sooner.


Dog at beach before ACL surgery and before winter

How to bike as soon as possible after knee surgery?

There is really only 1 thing I can think of that will help you get back on your bike outside as soon as possible and that is working on your knees range of motion and getting on a stationary bike.

Anyone have any tips on getting back on a bike shortly after knee surgery?

The Top 5 At Home Exercises
I did that helped get me walking 4 days after surgery

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  1. You are actually 8 weeks post op as of Wed this week and going on your 9th week. I know because I had my surgergy Dec 7th 2010 and I keep track of every single week. I too started some cycling outside and it was a nice change from the stationary bike that I’ve been on for the last month. I wouldn’t reccommend anyone to get on a road bike before 6-8 weeks because I think the risk of re-injury would be pretty high if something went wrong and you fell down on your bad leg. I took it nice and slow and live in FL so I didn’t have to worry about snow or ice….