ACl Surgery Recovery Motivation

ACL surgery recovery can be a very trying and difficult process. Keeping motivated during the recovery is always a problem and no matter how motivated you are at the start of your recovery there will come a time during your recovery when you are having difficulty finding the time to do your exercises.

For me in my first ACL surgery I had 2 phases were I dropped the ball on my rehab. The first part was at about week 6 I was able to walk and do a lot of the exercises myself at the gym. As I was still at university in my last year finishing up my engineering degree and applying for jobs it was difficult to find time to go to physio. Not to mention I was a broke student.

Not Going to Phsyio

I rationalized not going to phsyio since I could do the same exercises at the gym. Also I found physio time consuming, expensive and since I wasn’t a varsity athlete at the time I was getting the B-team therapists at phsyio.

Only Goal Was To Ski at 4 Months

After I stopped going to physio I was able to continue going to the gym and doing the required exercises for another 2 months until I was skiing. Being able to ski 4 months after my surgery was the carrot I was chasing. This strategy worked and I was able to stay motivated. Once I achieved being able to ski, bike and run though I let up on my physio and didn’t properly progress to the cutting and lateral motion exercises that are so important for returning to cutting sports like Soccer. This was a huge mistake as I ultimiately retore my ACL because I didnt do the final phase of recovery properly!

How I am Staying Motivated After ACL Surgery This Time…

ACl Surgery Rehab Motivation

Just think of the your surgeon as the shark...

After my second ACL Surgery, Dec 8 2010, I knew I had to find a way to make sure I stayed motivated and was accountable to my recovery. My reason for starting this website and putting so much effort into it is in large part to keep me motivated. It has been keeping me accountable to my weekly progress and I have been enjoying helping other people as well.

Clint Cora and ACL Surgery Motivation WebTV

Motivation after ACL surgery was something I had been thinking about with the new year and the classic resolutions. Today I saw Clint Cora, a motivational speaker/marshal artist world champion, has posted a video about this very topic and inspired me to write this post.

He talks about Albert Einsteins quote “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity” for him the difficulty, ACL Surgery Recovery, turned into an opportunity for him to focus and master his hand movements for his Karate. I had not thought of this website as the opportunity for me but after watching his video it seems that it is just that.

How did you or are you staying motivated?

The Top 5 At Home Exercises
I did that helped get me walking 4 days after surgery

Click Here to see the exercises


  1. Jon Haver says:

    How have you been staying motivated during your recovery?

  2. Thanks for using my video Jon and good luck with your rehab. If the physio asks for 10 reps, you give them 20. That’s how you speed things up.

    By the way, I celebrated the recovery of my first ACL rehab by taking and passing the certified ski instructor exam :)

  3. Jon Haver says:

    Thanks for the tip Clint. Congrats on your successful recovery and enjoy the skiing this winter!

  4. Chi Gettig says:

    I am 5 days post op and I’m progressing along well. You said after your first injury, you were skiing after 4 months. I would love to ski in April, although I’m sure my doctor would never sign off on that (nor my husband, for that matter). Do you think skiing, running, biking 4 months post-op was a mistake or contributed to your second injury? I’m probably just wishful thinking re: spring skiing …

  5. Chi, I actually just had my 6 week post op appointment with my surgeon and asked him if I would be able to ski in April. He didn’t commit.

    After my first surgery I was skiing 4 months after but taking it relatively easy. Running and biking post op is good. Skiing wasn’t a mistake but one wrong move and it could have been.

    Not preparing my knee for Soccer after surgery was my mistake.

    Like you I would love to be able to ski in April enjoy some sunshine and drinks on the Patio….I am still unsure if I will be able to and I am over a month ahead of you in recovery. I unfortunately don’t think it would be a good idea… especially spring skiing with heavy snow.