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I will send you helpful information over the coming weeks in order to help you recover from ACL surgery. After 2 ACL surgeries and  A LOT of research hopefully I can share some of what I have learned and make your recovery a little faster and more pain free.


Jon Haver

Twitter – @jonhaver

The Top 5 At Home Exercises
I did that helped get me walking 4 days after surgery

Click Here to see the exercises


  1. Thanks Jon.

  2. Looking forward to info.

  3. Thank you so much John. I am looking foward to learning what I have to do to be successful after surgery. I never had surgery like this before and am very nervous.

  4. meeting again in the morning with my surgeon. Pretty nervous about this. thanks for the information

  5. Kristen says:

    Wish I had found this sooner!! I’m already 5 weeks out and very behind…my PT has been very ‘conservative’ with me. But I’m feeling like they should have had me doing more stuff earlier on, and they werent specific enough with how much I needed to be doing at home on my own. Grr! My flexion is barely past 110 and my knee is so tight still. Hopefully I can incorporate a few more exercises (using good judgment) that will help me progress a bit faster.

  6. Stephannie says:

    I’m looking forward to the info too! Sounds like my PT is very similar to Kristen’s. I’m 6 weeks out and can only bend to 120. And to top it off, I feel down the stairs and completely flexed my knee a week ago. The fall resulted in a ton of swelling and A LOT of pain. My surgeon doesn’t think I re-tore the ACL, so I’m considering myself very lucky! Looking forward to extra PT to get on track!

  7. thanks for your effort and time you spent to help us jon , and i really wish that your second time will be your last .
    i have a torn acl ,pcl ,mcl and lcl :) , followed with a peroneal nerve damage caused a drop foot ( which is the worst ) …… i had my acl and pcl surgery three days ago and maaaan it hurts ,my dad is a doctor and he is tryin his best to keep me low on pain killers ( trying to reduce the side effects of them ) ….. anyhow thank you again for your effort and wish you all a strong healthy good looking knees :) ….

  8. Hi Jon. Thanks a lot for your help. I just had my 2nd acl repair surgery using PT. Hopefully I can be 100% percent back.

  9. my 17yr old daughter will have ACL on Feb 14th, what can she do physically to prepare for the surgery? Any particular exercise? Food? Thanks.

  10. Thank you for just simply helping….

  11. Hi Jon,
    Your websight is so great. I was looking on line for some information on tearing the ACL 2nd time and could not find it. I had my surgery 6 months ago and suddenly I have alot of pain. My knee is less flexible. It pups alot and the muscle to the right of my right knee hurts alot.
    What are the symptoms of a torn acl after surgery.
    My ankle also hurts and I am out of balance.
    The doctor said to excercize, but I made him give me an MRI order. I have not excercized much at all and since I paid cash for my surgery did not have the opportunity to do PT. I would appreciate your feedback.

  12. Jon,
    So glad I found your website! I’ve just torn my ACL (complete), lateral meniscus, and partially torn the MCL, so obviously lots of questions and want to do the right thing to avoid this ever again! I’ve partially torn my MCL on the same leg previously, 3 years ago, and know my mistake was not keeping the leg in good enough shape with strength.

    I am very active – skiing, hiking, kickboxer, dancer, so I don’t want to this injury to slow me down from any of that. I’ve heard “your knee will never be the same again” many times, but choose to hope it will recover well.

    Looking forward to hearing about your own experiences!

  13. Alfred (Bud) Attonito says:

    Hey, Jon, Thanks. Actually my problem is not caused by an ACL injury. I have bone on bone and am considering knee replacement of both knees
    (one at a time).
    Is your ACL protocol also appropriate for my problem? Thanks, Jon, and God bless you,

  14. Hi readers I suffered from Acl torn while a football match. Doctor has prescribed to have ACL excersise to make my acl strong. I’m a football. Player it has been over 1yr since injury but I want to get back in the field. Please give ur precious comments and suggestions

  15. Thanks Jon – Great website by the way! It’s very helpful and informative, and I especially like the little community here of people all dealing with the same injury. It’s good to know I’m not the only one! Best wishes to everyone here for a speedy and complete recovery!

  16. Thanks Jon ,

  17. Hi Jon,
    Thank you for the great effort and the invaluable information. I’m having my surgery in two days and now I’m better prepared 😀
    God bless you!

  18. Thank yu

  19. Thaveen says:

    Thank you.. I’m already late for the rehab.. It’s being four weeks and I can’t bent my knee more than 70 degrees.. this will help me.. thank you

  20. Mustafa says:

    Thanks in advace. Waiting for the link.

  21. its been one year since my acl surgery my knee is not totally recovered and i stopped due to loss of motivation what should i do?